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 Vehicle Tracking System>>The application of Vehicle Tracking System

Keytop Vehicle Tracking System combines parking guidance and car searching functions together,not only guides drivers to find certain free parking space quickly,but also guides them to find their parked cars.


Car searching function:The car owners can find their own vehicles by inputting the license plate number without card positioning. The system operates like this: input the license plate number to inquiry PC which is installed at the entrances or exits of carparks, the Parking Koisk will pick the data of the server after receiving the commands, then display the map of the parking lot that the owners stands. The map will display the position of the owners and the location of their cars. Besides, it will choose a best route to pick up the cars according the general route situation of the parking lot and display in the map of the parking lot to guide the car owners to pick up the cars.


Parking guidance function: This system can make the car drivers to park conveniently and quickly as well as monitor the parking space to make the management more standard and orderly. It will increase the utilization. The parking detection uses video detecting technology. The Video Detector is installed in the front of each parking space to make a real-time detection of the occupancy and free situation of each parking space. Video processor processes datas to all the detection information and send them to the main controller. The main controller issues the guiding information to LED displays according to the calculation in real time. It can guide the drivers to find certain free lots quickly.


The advantages of Vehicle Tracking System:

1.The car owners can find the car location quickly by inputting the license plate number.

2.The car owners don’t need to swipe cards to locate the position after parking.

3.Solve the searching problems; improve the whole image of the parking lots.

4.Display the free parking situation in entrances of carpark dynamically and at real time.

5.Guide the entering vehicles to the free parking region and parking space at the shortest time and with the best route quickly.

6.Reduce the vehicle wandering time, reduce the gas emission to save the energy and protect the environment.