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 Parking Guidance System>>System Advantage Features

1.Parking Guidance Functions:

Control the display, guide the owners to enter and park at the available parking spaces in the shortest time, increase parking utilization, optimize parking environment and improve the customers’ satisfaction.


2.Reservation Functions:

Achieve the reservation of the special parking spaces including the fixed through avoid guiding.


3.Real-time Monitor the Parking Space Status:

System can display real-time parking occupancy, count the number of occupied and available parking spaces of the carpark, give statistics on the volume of vehicles’ entry and exit and so on to facilitate the monitoring and deployment of personnel to the carpark.


4.Statistical Functions:

Give the statistic of daily and monthly usage as well as sub-period usages of the carpark and thereby, making convenience for the car owners to understand the parking system usage.


5.Parking Time Detection Functions:

Count the time after the car enters the parking lot. Carpark manager can know parking information in the control room at any time.


6.Rights Limits Control Functions:

Multi-level rights control limit function is effective for the control and maintain the confidentiality of relevant information.


7.Other functions can be revised according to the customers’ demands