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 Parking Guidance System>>Working principle of the system

Collect at real time information of all parking spaces of the carpark through the ultrasonic parking space detector installed on the top of every parking slot. The node controller connected to the detector will collect the infomation of all the detectors, it’s connected in terms of polling as well as data compression code according to some rules then send the feedback to the central controller. Central controller completes the data processing then send the processed parking space data to every LED guide screen in the carpark to display the information of available parking space, thereby guiding the vehicles of available parking space. The system also send the data to the computer. And the computer save the data in the database server. The users can inquire the real-time parking space information of the carport and the statistic data of the year, month, data of the parking lot through the computer terminal.


Keytop parking guidance system provides 3 types of data communication: RS485, LAN and wireless communication.


1. RS 485 communication: RS485 use shielded twisted pair to connect node controllers in the carpark, all together connected “hand in hand” and finally sending it’s output to central controller. RS485 has good quality of anti-noise, long transmission distance and multi-station capabilities. The biggest advantage is the low costs of wire material and the disadvantage is that the communication speed is slower than that of LAN and wireless transmission.



RS485 System Structure


2. LAN communication: LAN system network cables are use to connect multiple node controllers in the parking lot, separated by the network switches for parallel communication with very high rate and the transmission speed is higher than RS485 communication.



3. Wireless communication: Wireless communication uses the wireless receiver installed in every storey of the carpark to receive the communication signals that the node controllers in the same storey has sent, then transmits them to the central controller through network switches. The advantage is greatly reducing the system wiring and the construction volume.


Wireless function principle diagram