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 Parking Guidance System>>The application of parking guidance system

KEYTOP puts an end to the issues of conventional parking within controlled areas once and for all with its intellectual parking guidance system. Check out our new dynamic car park guidance system that provides real-time parking information to make the most of your parking facility.


How our system works?


The Parking Guidance System works using an integration of various interconnected devices that collect real-time information to promote parking solutions. The central control unit processes the entire information such as, availability of occupied and non-occupied lots, vehicle count, facility map, etc. Here is how it actually works:


  • »   Once a parker reaches the facility, an overview of all the available slots in driving lane is received.
  • »   Motorists are easily guided to the vacant space using a combination of visual signs and indicators mounted at the top.


The use of this portal optimizes the use of spaces in busy car parks due to a distinct arrangement. It also helps in minimizing confusion, saves time in parking, and eventually reduces customer frustration.


Some other benefits of our PGS system are:


  • »   Effective parking arrangement - The system operates superbly fast to provide accurate messages for an effective parking management.
  • »   Enhanced consumer satisfaction and service - our forward mounting sensor supports to be installed in the front of parking space which is more visible for the motorists


Take advantage of this unique parking space management solution and get rid of all you small carpark issues. Contact us for more information.