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Parking Guidance System

The Intelligent Parking Guidance system guides the driver from the roads around the facility, through the process of selecting which parking area to use, to the floor with available parking, then to the aisle with the available parking, and finally to the empty parking bay.

The KEYTOP Unique design Ultrasonic sensor with built in LED lamp, capable of turning Green color to red color when parking space occupied, have been proved to cut the installation cost by 30% .

Forward Mounted Ultrasonic Sensor

Detect The Parking Space Status, With Built In Led Indicator (When Parking Space Is Free, The Build In Led Indicator Will Be In Green Color, When Occupied, The Led Indicator Will Be In Red Color ) Save Your Installation Cost, More Efficient And Economy

  • Voltage :Dc 12-24v
  • Communication Way :Rs-485
  • Size:
  • Working Temperature :-40℃- +80℃


Split Ultrasonic Detector (Classical Type)

Installed Right Above Of Each Parking Space, Detecting The Parking Status Of Each Parking Space, And Control The Led Indicator Colors .

  • Voltage:Dc 12~24v
  • Communication Way: Rs485
  • Size : 100*23 Mm
  • Working Temperature:-40~+80℃


Wireless Ultrasonic Sensor

Suitable For both Indoor and outdoor Car Park, mounted on the surface of ground , Detect The Status Of The Parking Space By Ultrasonic Technology,

  • Voltage :1.5v Battery
  • Power :90uw
  • Size :100*100mm
  • Communication way : Lora、NB-iOT


Wireless Magnetic Detector

Designed For Outdoor Parking Space, Install On / Under The Ground Surface , Detect The Real Time Status Of The Parking Space By Magnetic Technology.

  • Voltage:3v (Battery)
  • Power :165uw
  • Battery Life:≥5 Years
  • Communication way : Lora、NB-iOT
  • Casing Material:Pc(Waterproof、Anticorrosion、All Weather Operation)


Led Indicator

Connect To Ultrasonic Detector, Will Change Color According To Detector's Command, Turn Red When Parking Space Is Occupied, Turn Green When Vacant

  • Voltage:Dc 5v
  • Luminance :9000mcd (Green), 5000 Mcd (Red)
  • Working Temperature:-20~+80℃


Wireless Led Indicator

Suitable For Mechanical Car Park, Every Group Of Parking Space Will Install One Led Indicator. In Each Group Of Parking Space, When The Available Lots ≥1,It Will Be In Green, When All Of The Space Is Occupied, It Will Be In Red.

  • Voltage:Ac 110-220v
  • Power:1w
  • Working Temperature:-40~80℃


Zone Control Unit(ZCU)

One Zcu Can Support 60 Pcs Of Sensor At Max , Collect The Realtme Parking Status Of The Detectors Which Is Under Its Control ,And Convey The Data Of Parking Space To Ccu,

  • Voltage:Ac 110v-220v
  • Power:1.5w
  • Size: 300*260*73mm
  • Working Temperature :-40℃-+80℃


Central Control Units (CCU)

Ccu Is The System Core, In Charge Of Data Collection ,System Controlling And Led Display Controlling, Send Command To Led Display To Update The Vacant Parking Space Quantity In Real Time.

  • Voltage:Ac 110-220v
  • Power:4.8 W
  • Working Temperature:-40~+80℃
  • Communication Distance:≤1000m


Led Indoor Guide Display

Install At The Main Turnings Of Car Park , Inform The Driver On Every Point Of Decision, The Availability Of Parking Spaces By Displaying A Green Arrow And Number Of Vacant Parking Spaces

  • Voltage:Ac 110-220v
  • Luminance:>300cd/M2
  • Dot Matrix:16*48,24*64
  • Communication Way: RS485 、TCP/IP、LORA、NB-iOT


Led Outdoor Guide Display

Show Real-Time Data At Every Decision Point , Indicate To Which Level Drivers Should Proceed

  • Voltage:Dc 5v
  • Luminance:>500cd/M2
  • Panel Size:Customized
  • Communication Way: RS485 、TCP/IP、LORA、NB-iOT


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