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Ticketless Parking Management System.

The system started with KEYTOP patent ANPR Lane Camera, which will be installed at both the entry and exit lane of the car park ,The ANPR cameras then capture vehicle that entering and leaving the car park , sending license plate No. to server for parking management .

Automatically ,the system will Allow/Deny the vehicle entering / leaving the car park by KEYTOP High Speed Parking Barrier Gate .

The whole process not need the driver take any extra action like get RFID card or Ticket , which will make the traffic flow faster than ever .

The system is capable to automatically generate relevant statistics reports according to the requirements; it can provide the daily and monthly usage rate of the parking venue or based on a selected period of time. Reports can be exported to Excel format to facilitate the work of the management personnel .

ANPR Lane Camera

Main hardware of the system , taking photo on the vehicle license plate No. With built in ANPR engine for license plate recognition

  • Including: HD camera of over 2-megapixel, 1920*1080 resolution, Support white balance 、Support WDR、Size:850*250*303.5mm,
  • Lifetime ≥40,000 hrs


Ticket dispenser

Installed at the entry, LED display gives “welcome” and remind driver to enter ,voice prompt reminds driver to take a ticket , for hourly parker, when comes to entry, driver need to press the button to get a ticket from dispenser in the cabinet, for monthly card holder, only needs to swipe the card in the reading area. after that, the barrier raise automatically and drivers enters the car park , with IC Card reader


Ticket Checker

Installed at the exit, LED display gives “HAVE SAFE TRIP” and remind driver to exit ,voice prompt reminds driver to scan a ticket/card , for hourly parker, when comes to exit, driver need to scan the ticket , for monthly card holder, only needs to scan the ticket in the reading area. after that, the barrier raise automatically and drivers enters the car park , with IC Card reader for resident


High Speed Barrier Gate

  • 1.The lifting time is 1.6s, the rated power is 120 w, and the lifespan is greater than 5 million times.
  • 2. Barrier arm: Straight carbon fiber arm with a length of 3 m. Either fixed on the left or right side.
  • 3. Vehicle detector: 2 detectors; High sensitivity; The response time is less than or equal to 150 ms.
  • 4. Ground induction coil: BV0.75, single-strand multi-core, high-temperature resistant, corrosion resistant. The length of the ground induction coil is 150 m.


Autopay Station

  • 1.High contrast 18.5 inch Touch LCD display for user instructions
  • 2.Payment for parking tickets using coins,bills, bank or credit cards & pre-paid value cards (Customized)
  • 3.Change by coins and/or bills/bank notes (subject to the Project requirement)
  • 4.Advanced payment to avoid queuing up
  • 5.Read discount barcode Receipt issued for payment
  • 6.Built in Intercom
  • 7.Size :700*402*1750mm


Lane pay Station

  • 1.Size: 1458*478*355MM
  • 2.18 inch Industrial Display, Anti dust、 Anti Pollution and Explosion-proof
  • 3.OS: Android (4 Core )
  • 4.Payment for parking tickets by credit cards ,not support Change
  • 5.Built in intercom ,voice notice
  • 6.Read discount Barcode/QR Code ,Receipt issued for payment
  • 7.Working temperature -33°-70°,Heating with separate thermostats


Vender machine

  • 1. High contrast 23.6 inch Touch LCD display for displaying selling staff and advertising,with refrigeration system
  • 2. Advanced payment to avoid queuing up
  • 3.Read discount barcode 、Receipt issued for payment
  • 4.Built in Intercom
  • 5.Size :1300mm x900mm x1920mm


LED Display

  • 1.installed at the Entry / exit of the carpark, it displays the available parking space, parking time, license plate No. amount fee (time)and relevant instructions for the driver, support customized displaying .
  • 2.LED Dot Matrix : 64*128dot Matrix,Semi-Outdoor, Red Color


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Entry Equipment Exit Equipment Reversible Lanes Equipment Barrier Gate & Anpr Lane Camera Barrier Gate & Anpr Lane Camera Barrier Gate & Anpr Lane Camera Autopay Station